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Flash Lessons 1 & 2

Today we are learning some Flash… We did most of this stuff end of last week and going over it again today! First Lesson was just having Images Fade in and Fade out and Second has a car traveling across the screen and fading out! I believe later we will have it follow a path.

Lesson 1:


Lesson 2:


Hopefully the Flash Videos are appearing! The College Computers are on a older version of Flash right now and can't update the Player myself!

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Review

Up until now Mass Effect has been a Singleplayer only game! Then comes Mass Effect 3 which adds the twist of having Multiplayer which ends up being like Horde from Gears of War 3 but without the setting up bases.

The Multiplayer mode is 4 players joining up to take down 10 waves of enemies that can range from the Reapers to the Geth every 4 waves you will get a certain objective to complete for bonus XP! This can range from having to kill a certain 4 enemies or having to hack points around the map, Each race has a unique play style for how you will take them down and survive to the end! Some Races are easier to deal with than others but ultimately if you are playing on Bronze it should be a zinch with 4 people once you start hitting Silver and Gold it only becomes harder to beat the levels and you might be more inclined to pick something your team could deal with easier.

Each player gets to customize their character in some way, First up you choose the Class you want to play Adept, Engineer, Infiltrator, Sentinel, Soldier & Vanguard, Once you have decided on one of those you finally get to choose the Race you want, All Classes have a Male and Female Human then each Class with have a different set of 2 other races which can be Asari, Batarian, Drell, Geth, Krogan, Salarian or Turian.

Some Races will not be unlocked from the start you will have to start playing some Multiplayer and work on earning some Credits which comes from beating the Objectives in each Map along with beating the Map and the higher the difficulty the more Credits you will earn! Once you earn Credits you then go to the store and have a choice of buying  1 of 3 packs, Recruit Pack, Veteran Pack & Spectre Pack, Each pack will give you 5 random items which can range from Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Weapon Modifications, Characters and Equipment Items.

The more credits you earn the more packs you can buy which gives you more unlocks to use across any character you choose to use them on, Nothing is limited to the character the packs were brought on! Once you unlock a new Race for the Class you are playing if you fancy changing then go right ahead! Levels are carried across each class not the Race so If you was a level 10 Human Vanguard you would be a Level 10 Krogan Vanguard if you switched up the Race.

This brings us to the leveling up system, You will pretty much get XP for anything you do while playing the Multiplayer which will allow you to level up your character just like you would in the Singleplayer game and playing something like a Adept is great since who doesn’t want to mess with the enemy by lifting them up in the air and having you and your team fill them up with bullets! The max level you can achieve in Multiplayer for a Class is Level 20 at which point you can choose to Promote the character to “Galaxy at War” which will reset that Class back to Level 1.

After reading all that some of you may still feel like Multiplayer does not fit into Mass Effect 3 but don’t knock it off so easy! There is no harm in trying it, The Multiplayer comes with 6 Maps spread across various Planets and as of this posting there have been 2 added to the game via DLC for Free!

The Multiplayer is a blast! It’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a Wave Based Co-Op Mode! Having the ability to play with Friends in this Universe is nothing sort of amazing, It can become very tense at times when you have boss enemies closing in on you while you are trying to take a objective and you and your team are just filling the enemy with bullets and its still coming but you eventually get it down and survive! Having the various is Classes in the Multiplayer will give you even more hours of enjoyment since you can switch up your play style from sitting back and Overloading the Shields from an Enemy or even creating a Singularity and watching them all get sucked into a hole you just created to save a teammate! I must have played the Multiplayer on and off for 2 weeks before even touching the Singleplayer because I was enjoying it so much and hopefully BioWare continue to support it with new Maps! I believe new Races are already coming out later on in DLC.

Now if I had to give just the Multiplayer side of this game a rating it would easily be top score whatever that might be 5/5, 10/10! Short of letting you join up with your friends in the Singleplayer and trying to work out a Conversation System like what is seen in The Old Republic I don’t see what else BioWare could have done! Maybe try having set missions like a Spec Ops mode found in a Modern Warfare Game? Maybe, but I think that would lose its replayability much quicker! There have been rumours of BioWare hiring to have Multiplayer in Dragon Age and after playing the Mass Effect Multiplayer I think it’s safe to say BioWare is not just going to add Multiplayer for the hell of doing it and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for anything that BioWare does regarding Multiplayer in RPGs!

App Rating: Rock Band

I’ve decided I will just post the app reviews I leave on iTunes for now so here is my Rock Band one!

4/5 Stars

This is a must buy for any Rock Band fan! Price is great for 20 songs compared to the 5 songs you get on Guitar Hero.

Game does seem to want you to restart your device before playing so not really great for a quick song but great for playing for 30 minutes or so 🙂